Educational Services

We are Unearthed Education. A video production company specialising in crafting compelling and impactful stories across the education sector. We understand the power of video in today’s digital world. We don’t just create videos; we craft visual narratives that resonate with your target audience, be it prospective students, parents or the best talent in the education sector. We work collaboratively with our clients to capture the essence of their organisation, highlighting its strengths, values, and achievements in a way that is informative, engaging and connects with its audience. We have experience of working with Schools, Colleges and Universities producing all types of content from promotional films, teacher recruitment and testimonial films, to video for Social Media Campaigns. Whatever you need, we can work with you to create something special to ensure you stand out from the crowd.


School Promotional Films

Film is a crucial way to recruit more students, attract the best staff and bring your organisation to life. We tell your story in a way that connects with your audience in a more impactful way. If you want a film that stands out from the rest, we’re the storytellers for you.

Social Media Campaigns

School social media films are the perfect way to connect with your audience using bite size videos promoting your school to students, parents and the wider community. It also means that you can re-use your footage for different purposes, getting the most from your budget!

Testimonial / Teacher Recruitment Films

Spoken testimonials are a powerful and authentic way to build relationships with your audience in a way that builds trust and connects with people on a personal level, in a way that text-only formats can’t. It is also a powerful tool in helping to drive staff recruitment and attract the best talent out there!

Inspiring and Informative Documentaries

Documentaries have never been more popular, just ask Netflix! More schools and educational organisations are understanding and using the power of short-form documentary to tell their stories in a more interesting, human and relatable way.

Live Event Filming

We specialise in filming all school events including sports, shows and performances. We have even produced a school show similar to a TV series - filmed in multiple locations with full crew!

Video tutorials to inspire and educate

These can be created for homework help or communicating any type of information that you need. These are a fantastic tool for pupils, teachers and parents alike.