Our Parisian Artisans: Introducing Astier de Villatte

It was such a treat to visit this Parisian-based artisanal workshop for Astier de Villatte last year. Founded in 1996, these beautifully unique and unmistakably French ceramics, praised for their milky white ceramics, are handmade by Tibetan artisans crafted from black terracotta using a technique which leaves deliberate imperfections on the surface.

It is the one and only major studio to preserve and modernise the art of stamping, alongside age-old, French manufacturing traditions. Cherished in homes across the globe, Astier de Villatte’s exquisite and meticulous crafting techniques set the brand apart from its competitors. Discover durable ceramics and the studio’s distinctive scent collection, described as an olfactory world tour. Here’s a little insight into how these beautiful products are created.